Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sale Week

There's a sale going on this week, until Friday.

Use 'specDisc' for 15% off everything that can be discounted. Yarn, Needles, Fiber, Dye, etc. (Strauch products not included.)


Monday, November 23, 2009

so much for posting more often...

Lots of things have happened in the last few months.

Lets see....

my sister got married, we went to denver, we got back from denver and immediately prepped for the NJ woolfest (Garden State Sheep Breeders Fair) in which i came home with about 3 fleeces, finished with that and then the whole family either got the H1N1 or something remarkably like it, recovered, got the same thing again, and I have finally stopped the constant coughing. Now all of that in and of itself is exhausting, but add into the mix that I'm expecting in April (!) things are moving really slow. I seem to need a lot of sleep (evidenced by sleeping for almost 24 hours over the weekend) and it doesn't seem to make things any better.

SO. Some new fibery things. There is now a Rav group for fans of Twisted Fiber. There's also a knit-a-long happening, we'll be doing a norwegian style stranded hat, for which the Jaggerspun yarn is spot on for gauge. Not that you're needing to use that yarn, feel free to join with any yarn you like.